Kitchen resolutions

I know it’s not the New Year yet, but starting this blog is definitely a new beginning. So, I’ve decided to make some kitchen resolutions.

I resolve to try making at least 2 dishes a week that I’ve never made before, and I’ll share the process, pictures, and outcomes on the blog.

There are some points I should clarify before starting down this road. I, by no means, consider myself to be a “good cook” – yet. I make a few dishes really well (chicken parm, spinach artichoke dip, baked mac & cheese to name a few), but for everything else, I just look up recipes and follow them. Sometimes I experiment – and those results are successful probably 60-70 percent of the time.

A few other facts about me and my kitchen:
– I’m a messy cook. Every time anything involves cornstarch or flower, it ends up all over me and the counter. Good thing I have cute aprons 🙂
– My kitchen is miniscule. I’ve lived in small places before, but this apartment’s kitchen takes the cake. It has pathetic excuses for counter space, next to no storage, and no dishwasher. So be prepared that it will always appear cluttered in pictures.
– Because of the lack of storage space, I haven’t acquired nearly all the kitchen tools one should really have when they like to cook. I don’t have any cookie sheets so I use baking pans. Sometimes my cookies’ consistency is off because I don’t have an electric mixer. I mince garlic because I don’t have a garlic press. I know some of these things are relatively inexpensive, but there is literally that little storage space in this place. I just figure, I’ve lived without them for this long – when I finally get a bigger kitchen, I’ll round it out with all the necessities. 🙂

That being said, here are just a few of the recipes I look forward to trying out!

Tempeh Tamale Pie

Cinnamon Toast Rolls

Coconut Curried Potatoes

Chewy Chocalate Chip Snickers Cookies

Thai Fried Quinoa



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