Express sweater sale

Here in Los Angeles, it’s nowhere near sweater season yet. I took a 1/2 mile walk to Starbucks this morning in shorts and a tank, and definitely got a little sweaty (tmi?). But I couldn’t help checking out Express’ sweaters when I got the email that they’re having a B1G1 50 percent off sale! It’ll cool off here eventually, right?! Here are a few I have my eye on. (Photos are linked to sweaters on

Skinny stripes like this can hardly ever go wrong. I also love wide necklines and slouchy fits- so cozy! AND, the short sleeves are perfect for warmer LA autumns! Another plus – it’s machine washable.

I love the metallic sheen of this one. It also comes in 4 other colors. I could see dressing this up with a black mini and a statement necklace.

Now if I still lived in Boston, this one would get a lot of wear! It just looks SOOO cozy! I can picture curling up by my parents’ fireplace in this sweater with skinny jeans and slipper socks on. 🙂 (Not sure if it’d be so functional to wear it with shorts like the model? Haha)

Cable knit sweaters are always a classic look in my book – this one just gives it a stylish twist. I love the short sleeves and the big armholes.

Do you shop at Express? What are some of your other favorite “mall stores”?
I like some stuff at American Eagle. LOVE J. Crew but often can’t afford it! Forever 21 is good for cheap trendy accessories.



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4 responses to “Express sweater sale

  1. Caroline

    I was just in Express this weekend. I love the sheen metallic sweater with the sequin cami underneath. If I hadn’t spend $200 on my new Jessica Simpson winter trench coat, I would have made a couple purchases…maybe next pay period 😉

  2. Marnie

    I get the metallic one Care, but in baby pink, and the black and white chunky one as well. Just wore it yesterday, and it was perfect for a MA autumn day!!

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