Happy National Cupcake Day!

So I had something else planned to bake today, but when I woke up and learned that it was National Cupcake Day I just had to change my plans! Cupcakes aren’t too tricky to make, and I’m trying to make things that are new to me, so I promptly Googled “best cupcake recipes”. And when I saw that the top result was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes, accompanied by this picture…

…I knew what I was making!

As I’ve previously mentioned, my kitchen isn’t exactly outfitted with every essential kitchen tool. So I finally picked up an electric mixer at good old Tar-jay this morning. It was only $6.50!..(which may be the reason I’m debating returning it…more on that later.)

Anyway, this recipe is pretty easy. There is just an extra step. You have to make the cookie dough, freeze it for 2 hours so it doesn’t bake along with the cupcake, and then make the actual cupcakes. The recipe says you can also use pre-made dough for this, but I just made some from scratch.

When I initially showed the boyfriend the above picture of the final product, he commented that the ratio of cookie dough to cupcake looked a little too big – as in, he wanted less cookie dough than the picture portrayed. So instead of making dough balls from 1 Tbs of dough like the recipe called for, I made them a little smaller. I did it by hand but you could probably use a melon baller if you don’t like getting doughy hands. So into the freezer these went for a few hours (the recipe says at least 2).

I had plenty of leftover dough, so I bagged it up, flattened it out, and put it in the freezer for future use!

After the dough balls were sufficiently frozen, I made the cupcake batter. I used Pillsbury Moist Supreme Classic Yellow cake mix. Here’s the new mixer in action! (Side note – I used it on the slowest speed, and it was much faster than I thought it would be. I had to be careful not to splatter the batter! I’m wondering if this is because I got a cheapy? I’m still debating returning this one and spending the $20 on a name brand one. It just seems to me like there should be a slower speed.)

Then all you do is plop the frozen dough ball into the middle of the cupcake. The biggest thing is not to overbake them, or the cookie dough will just cook and it won’t be doughy. I took these out after 15 minutes (the recipe calls for 18-20, but again, my oven is on crack).

After letting the cupcakes cool, it was time to frost. Now I’m usually a stick-a-knife-in-the-frosting-jar-and-spread kinda girl, but I thought I’d turn it up a notch and actually try piping. So I picked up these icing tips, also from Tar-jay.

I set up my sweet little icing station for easy clean-up and got down to business.

I employed a trick I’ve seen before and used a Ziploc bag instead of a real piping bag. You just snip the end off of one of the corners and insert the icing tip inside the bag and through the hole. Then just spoon the frosting in, squeeze it all down to the corner, and pipe away! (In this picture I used a gallon sized bag, but for the second batch I switched to a quart sized bag. The smaller bag made it a little easier to squeeze the frosting down to the corner.)

And here’s my first attempt! I know, not the prettiest thing – I didn’t start far enough down on the side and the top is a little droopy.

They got a little better as I went along! (And yes, despite my attempts to keep my frosting area clean, the kitchen counter was still covered in frosting by the end of this project. Typical.)

After making some pretty ones, I got a little silly with my new tool.

In the end, these were pretty delicious. To be honest, I only wish I had made the dough balls the size they were supposed to be! They needed more cookie dough goodness! I do recommend this recipe though. It’s really easy, and is a fun twist on two classic dessert recipes. From the outside it’s just a regular cupcake – but there’s a nice doughy surprise when you bite into it!

Now that dessert is already made, time to get dinner going. Steak with roasted baby potatoes and asparagus for us tonight!



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5 responses to “Happy National Cupcake Day!

  1. Mmmm – I was excited to see that it was National Cupcake Day… love a good cupcake! (PS hope you are well and enjoying LA!)

  2. Kaitlin

    hi Tirrill!! love the blog, I will be sure to check in regularly. A tip for the hand mixer – not sure if you’ve ever tried, but if you take a piece of wax paper (or parchment paper) and poke the blades through it, and then attach them to the handheld part, the paper serves as a cover of sorts. It can help keep your kitchen ceiling and walls a little cleaner 🙂
    Hope everything is great on the west coast!

    • Tee

      Thanks for visiting Kaitlin!!! That is a great tip for the mixer – I’ll try it if I have the same issue when I get my new one. The one in the post is going back to Target because it started rusting after 1 wash!! Hope everything with you is going well too!

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