I know I shouldn’t complain that it’s 85 degrees, but…

…I miss having to get my cute scarves, sweaters, and wool coats out of storage! It never failed – there was always something that I forgot I had in those boxes, and it felt like getting new clothes for the season! But alas, I don’t live in Boston anymore, I live in Los Angeles. And I LOVE the weather here. Please don’t misunderstand me – I would not, for a second, rather be back in the snow and biting cold. But I do miss having reasons to buy cute winter styles!

This winter, I’ll definitely miss wearing big, knit scarves that I can just wrap myself up in. It’ll get cold enough here where I can bust out some of my lighter-weight scarves, but the thick, cozy ones will stay in the storage bins. Here are some cute ones I came across that I would for sure be shopping for if I was still back east! I think my favorite is #3 – the faux fur just looks so comfy!

1- Etsy – handknittedthings, $45
2- Etsy – WindyCityKnits, $30
3- Forever 21, $16.80
4- H&M, $17.95
5- Etsy – mbgdesigns, $70


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