Creme brulee and blowtorch fun

The boyfriend’s favorite dessert of all time is creme brulee. I got him a creme brulee set (4 ramekins and a blowtorch) last Christmas, and it took us until last night to actually bust it out. Now I’ll admit it – this is not really homemade. We used a mix that we’ve had on hand for a while. But it’s a start! Next time I’ll make it from scratch – promise.

We heated a cup of milk, a cup of heavy whipping cream, and the mix, stirring constantly until it boiled. Then we reduced the heat to a simmer for about a minute.

Next we transferred it into ramekins and let them chill in the refrigerator for just over an hour. (And yes, I did spill one of these as I moved it from the counter to the fridge. Typical. There’s always some kind of mess involved.)

After they had chilled and set, we got to the fun part – blowtorching!

Mmmmm the top is definitely the best part. So bubbly and crispy!

A fresh berry is the perfect garnish!

This was really yummy. But next time I definitely want to try making it from scratch!


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