Kitchen organization

As I’ve mentioned before, my kitchen is not ideal for someone that likes to cook. It’s tiny, with pathetic excuses for storage and counter space. But we’ve actually made some improvements recently! After a successful trip to Ikea, we now have an island which extends our counter space and provides some extra storage.

After about an hour of assembly…

…the island was complete! (This is the exact island we got.)

Before                                                                     After
We are LOVING the extra counter space! And the shelves below are now home to the microwave, toaster oven, cookbooks, mixing bowls, and some other small things that used to be on this eyesore:

I took some time to reorganize a few of our cabinets, so now the shelving unit looks like this:

OK, so it’s still an eyesore. But to someone that has to look at it every day it is such an improvement. The cleaning products are finally under the sink where they belong (the pots and pans used to be under there), and all my spices and non-perishables are organized and easy to see. It’s just less cluttered, and safer, overall (things used to fall off the shelves and hit me in the face).

Anyway, we’re working with what we’ve got in this tiny apartment! But I do dream of the days when I’ll have a big island and tons of counter space. Someday!

What are your kitchen organization tips? What does your dream kitchen look like? 



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  1. Debbie

    Just found your blog and I love it!! I also love the Cape, my son is at UMass Amherst and we just spent some time there. Where are you from?

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