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There hasn’t been a lot of cooking going on in this household recently. Things have just been too busy. First, I start my new full time job on Monday, so I’ve been trying to get random errands done and just get organized. I know it’ll be an adjustment going back to work and I’ll probably be pretty tired next week! Second, we got engaged on Sunday!! The boyfriend (now fiance!) finally popped the question. 🙂 We are so excited! As far as a wedding goes, we’re thinking somewhere like this…


Anyway, I’m hoping to do some baking this weekend, but after that posting might be sporadic until I get a better handle on my schedule. Hopefully I can get into a routine fairly quickly!



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Let the wedding brainstorming begin!

As I mentioned before, my best friend recently got engaged. So I immediately went out and bought some bridal magazines, and have been combing the web for inspiration. Here are some creative ideas I’ve come across so far.

Pearl wedding cake – so elegant! (Click Photography)

An alternative to an aisle runner (Project Wedding)

Night lights (Martha Stewart Weddings)

Beaded lace bridal cuff (Etsy – Carellya)

Flowers suspended in water, topped with floating candles (Pinterest)

Reception entrance sign (Etsy – MyPrimitiveBoutique )

Yellow ombre wedding cake (Erin Ever After)

Love how all the bridesmaids dresses are different but go together so well (Style me Pretty via Pinterest)

For loved ones that can’t be there (Morgan Matters Photography via Pinterest)

A long exposure photo with sparklers. They stood very still and someone ran around them with a sparkler. Such a pretty effect! (100 Layer Cake)


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