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Fall/winter coat crushes

It definitely felt like fall in Los Angeles today. When I left the house this morning, it was grey, rainy, and in the 50s. Now I know to most of the country, that is not cold. I grew up in New England, so that’s not really cold to me either. But when you’re used to gorgeous sunny weather all the time, it might as well be snowing. On top of that, people in L.A. freak out when it’s raining. They stay off the roads and leave work early…because it’s raining. I know. Weird.

Anyway, I threw a hoodie on over my yoga clothes and turned the AC off when I got in the car. But the people I saw out took it a little further. I saw multiple people in winter coats. Not lying. Like, wool peacoats and down jackets. And hats. Not baseball caps – beanies and stocking caps. Anyway, I already expressed my love for thick cozy scarves, so here are my fave snuggy coats!

I love that you can find super warm down coats these days that don’t make you look like a marshmallow!

All from Macys.com 
1 – Calvin Klein
2 – DKNY
3- Kenneth Cole Reaction
4- Tahari

Some twists on the classic peacoat:

1- J.Crew
2- Macy’s, Tommy Hilfiger
3- Macy’s, Calvin Klein
4- Macy’s, DKNY
5- Macy’s, Nine West
6- Macy’s, Kenneth Cole Reaction

And a trend we’re seeing a lot of this year – capes!

1- Macy’s, Marc New York
2- J. Crew
3- Macy’s, Ellen Tracy
4- Macy’s, Via Spiga

What style coat will you be rocking when the temperature drops?


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