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Versace for H&M picks

Versace is doing a line for H&M that comes out next month, and photos of the collection have hit the web. Some of the stuff is, in my opinion, pretty loud for daily wear. But that’s also the appeal of Versace – people who wear it want to stand out! It’ll be interesting to see how those types of pieces sell to H&M shoppers. I’m liking the solid, bright colored pieces in simple silhouettes, like the yellow and pink dresses below. Here are some of the more wearable pieces that I’ll be checking out.



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I know I shouldn’t complain that it’s 85 degrees, but…

…I miss having to get my cute scarves, sweaters, and wool coats out of storage! It never failed – there was always something that I forgot I had in those boxes, and it felt like getting new clothes for the season! But alas, I don’t live in Boston anymore, I live in Los Angeles. And I LOVE the weather here. Please don’t misunderstand me – I would not, for a second, rather be back in the snow and biting cold. But I do miss having reasons to buy cute winter styles!

This winter, I’ll definitely miss wearing big, knit scarves that I can just wrap myself up in. It’ll get cold enough here where I can bust out some of my lighter-weight scarves, but the thick, cozy ones will stay in the storage bins. Here are some cute ones I came across that I would for sure be shopping for if I was still back east! I think my favorite is #3 – the faux fur just looks so comfy!

1- Etsy – handknittedthings, $45
2- Etsy – WindyCityKnits, $30
3- Forever 21, $16.80
4- H&M, $17.95
5- Etsy – mbgdesigns, $70

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