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Shopping trip 1/28

So I got through my first week back at work! It went really well. The big thing that’s giving me anxiety right now is just getting back into a routine. I was pretty tired all week – not only am I getting up earlier, but I’m on my feet a lot more, which is hard because my knee is still healing. I have two more weeks of physical therapy and then hopefully I can get back to yoga!! I’ve been feeling seriously deprived.

So needless to say, I haven’t been cooking a lot this week. (Or the week before because I was completely distracted by something else!) Hence, the lack of blogging. I need to get into a meal planning/grocery shopping routine for sure. One thing I did make time for today was shopping! My wardrobe has needed an overhaul for a while. And I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago so now it looks even more empty! Here are some things I picked up today.

1. Express Columnist Pant – I’ve been wanting a black pair of slim cut dress pants. I have a few other black pairs but they are looser. These fit great and are perfect for work!

2. Aldo Padden boots – I am a shoe girl. But I’m also super picky with shoes. Case in point – I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of mid-calf boots for two years. No joke. I wanted ones I could dress up or down. I wanted a stacked heel, and it couldn’t be super high. And I think I found them today!! These boots were on sale at Aldo and they didn’t have my size, so they are being shipped and should arrive this week. I can’t wait to try them on with every outfit I have!! And I’m praying they are comfy. 🙂

3. Express Crochet Inlay Striped Tee – Being from Cape Cod, the nautical vibe always sits well with me. Basically anything striped works. And if it’s navy and white, even better. This cute tee looks pretty basic from the front, but it has a beautiful crocheted back! My wardrobe probably doesn’t need any more navy and white stripes, but I just couldn’t resist!

4. Express Sculpted Metal Bangles – I love bracelets, but I have freakishly tiny wrists so bangles have always been too big on me. These actually fit! And you can’t really tell from the pic, but they have a curve to them so they aren’t just plain circles.

What fun things did you do this weekend?
It’s been around 80 degrees here in LA – I’m kind of wishing I went to the beach this weekend!

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Forever 21 finds – jewelry

As I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to trendier clothing/accessories I tend to go for cheap finds, and save my money for pieces that are more classic and I know I can wear for years. Forever 21 is great for cheap accessories. They don’t always last very long, but you can find jewelry there for under $5. Check out some I like below.

1- Sun feather earrings, $4.80
2- Embossed bangle set, $6.80
3- Turtle pendant necklace, $5.80
4- Eagle pendant necklace, $4.80
5- Ombre chain necklace, $7.80
6- Polished rhinestone ring, $4.80
7- Stone cube necklace, $4.80

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Favorite jewelry on Bauble Bar

Bauble Bar is a great place to find current jewelry trends at very reasonable prices. No matter what your style – whether you like classic or edgy, girly or bohemian – you can definitely score pieces that won’t break the bank. Here are some of my current favorites from the site (which offers free shipping on purchases!).

What’s your jewelry style? Do you like timeless classic pieces, or do you stock up on the trends?
I’ll spend more money on classic looking jewelry, but I’ve definitely been known to hit up Forever 21 for cheap trendy buys!

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Etsy find – thebeadgirl

I love browsing Etsy for unusual, handmade treasures, and I recently came across thebeadgirl – “handmade Artisan Silver jewelry for today’s modern woman (and man!).” I wear a lot of silver (I don’t think yellow gold goes with my hair or skin tone), so I’m always looking for unique pieces to add to my collection. I think I like thebeadgirl’s rings the best. She also does custom and personalized pieces.

Do you shop on Etsy?
I browse the site all the time, but I’ve never actually ordered anything!

Do you prefer wearing silver, yellow gold, or both?

Happy weekend!

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Nautical nostalgia

Pretty much anything nautical-themed reminds me of home. I grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and spent summers as a kid taking sailing lessons and going out on my dad’s beetlecat. So when I got today’s email from Kiel James Patrick and saw the Overboard Knot Earrings, I instantly thought of home.

They also come in red, blue, and orange, and guess what – they’re clip-ons! I just love these – they’re elegant but casual, and bring my mind straight to the ocean.

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