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Sushi date night

Date night used to be a weekly thing for me and the boyfriend. We’d try a new restaurant, or sometimes revisit a favorite, and just spend time talking. And talking about work was strictly prohibited! But when I was laid off earlier last year date night kinda went on hiatus. We just cut back on things and that was one of them.

Buuuut, I can now officially confirm that I got a job! We found out some more details on Monday and it definitely warranted a celebration. The whole time I was out of work, we said that as soon as I got a job we’d go to our favorite sushi place in Studio City, Katsu-ya. It’s not even a really pricey place, but it was more the principle of not going there until we had something to celebrate. So last night we went!

(Sorry for the orangey iPhone pictures.) We started with two of our favorites.

Baked Green Mussels: I literally have dreams about these mussels. They are HUGE, always taste so fresh, and are served in the most amazing cream sauce. I can’t put my finger on what exactly makes this sauce so good. The boyfriend and I both were literally sopping it up with the seaweed salad!

Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna: These rolls are so simple, but so delicious. The crispy rice adds a great crunch, and the spicy tuna has just the perfect amount of bite. We always get an order of these!

We decided we’d each pick one more roll to get, and were going to order ones we hadn’t tried yet, but we had to get these S.S.C. rolls again. They’re California rolls topped with sauteed shrimp, mushrooms, and asparagus (not sure what the S.S.C. stands for). And of course there is some delectable sauce that it’s all in.

And finally we went with the 4 1/2 rolls (again, not sure of the significance of the name!). They were spicy shrimp and crab rolls topped with tuna filets, spicy mayonnaise, and green onion. These had a really clean, fresh flavor. I just love me some good raw tuna!

It was a perfect dinner, accompanied by two glasses of pinot grigio for me and Sapporo for my man! I haven’t been to Katsu-ya before and not enjoyed everything I put in my mouth. We decided that when I actually start my new job we’ll try out Kiwami, which is the same owner as Katsu-ya but a little fancier/pricier. Just writing this post made me want more sushi!

Do you like sushi?  

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