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Shopping trip 1/28

So I got through my first week back at work! It went really well. The big thing that’s giving me anxiety right now is just getting back into a routine. I was pretty tired all week – not only am I getting up earlier, but I’m on my feet a lot more, which is hard because my knee is still healing. I have two more weeks of physical therapy and then hopefully I can get back to yoga!! I’ve been feeling seriously deprived.

So needless to say, I haven’t been cooking a lot this week. (Or the week before because I was completely distracted by something else!) Hence, the lack of blogging. I need to get into a meal planning/grocery shopping routine for sure. One thing I did make time for today was shopping! My wardrobe has needed an overhaul for a while. And I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago so now it looks even more empty! Here are some things I picked up today.

1. Express Columnist Pant – I’ve been wanting a black pair of slim cut dress pants. I have a few other black pairs but they are looser. These fit great and are perfect for work!

2. Aldo Padden boots – I am a shoe girl. But I’m also super picky with shoes. Case in point – I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of mid-calf boots for two years. No joke. I wanted ones I could dress up or down. I wanted a stacked heel, and it couldn’t be super high. And I think I found them today!! These boots were on sale at Aldo and they didn’t have my size, so they are being shipped and should arrive this week. I can’t wait to try them on with every outfit I have!! And I’m praying they are comfy. 🙂

3. Express Crochet Inlay Striped Tee – Being from Cape Cod, the nautical vibe always sits well with me. Basically anything striped works. And if it’s navy and white, even better. This cute tee looks pretty basic from the front, but it has a beautiful crocheted back! My wardrobe probably doesn’t need any more navy and white stripes, but I just couldn’t resist!

4. Express Sculpted Metal Bangles – I love bracelets, but I have freakishly tiny wrists so bangles have always been too big on me. These actually fit! And you can’t really tell from the pic, but they have a curve to them so they aren’t just plain circles.

What fun things did you do this weekend?
It’s been around 80 degrees here in LA – I’m kind of wishing I went to the beach this weekend!


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Weekend shopping – Macy’s

Macy’s is having a big sale this weekend, and I just happen to have a nice big gift card that I got for Christmas to spend there (thanks Mom and Dad!). I just browsed the website for ideas of what I might want to scope out. Here are some good finds!

1- Tommy Girl Long Sleeve Wing Collar Tuxedo Blazer
2- Lucky Brand Topanga Canyon Fringe Medium Crossbody Bag
3- Blowfish Wang booties
4- Rocket Dog Sheriff booties
5- Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Skinny Stretch Cargo Pants
6- Levi’s 524 Skinny Explosive Soundtrack Medium Wash

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Holiday deals may disappoint this year

Check out this interesting article from Yahoo! Finance on why holiday shopping deals won’t be as good this year.

Do you have a holiday shopping strategy to save money? Will you be cutting back spending this year?

Deal Hunters May Be Disappointed This Holiday Season
by Jennifer Schonberger
Provided by Kiplinger.com

Shoppers will find only modest discounts this holiday season.

What’s the outlook for holiday sales?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are more important this year for price-sensitive consumers, but people could be hard-pressed to find the same great deals they found last year. We expect weaker spending for the holidays overall because of the turmoil in the stock market and economic uncertainty. Holiday sales will likely increase at only half of last year’s 5.5% growth rate.

What types of deals can shoppers expect?

Retailers could start holiday promotions by early November. You’ll see more deals offering a certain percentage or dollar amount off a total purchase — such as $10 off if you spend $25 or $50 — rather than x% off a particular item. Higher commodity costs for retailers are limiting their ability to cut prices. Offering a dollar amount off a total purchase allows retailers to preserve price increases for specific items while offering savings to the consumer. Shoppers should also be on the lookout for deterioration in the quality of clothing — whether it’s thinner fabric or fewer accessories — as retailers try to maintain profits.

What are the best ways to shop this year?

Savvy shoppers will find better deals online. Shopping online gives consumers the information and tools they need to compare prices. Expect lots of free shipping, too. We’ll see more retailers come up with tools to offer value. A new app from Lowe’s is a good example; besides allowing you to shop online, it lets users in the store scan items on the shelves to get more product information or watch demos. Getting on retailers’ e-mail lists will alert you to deals. You can also find deals on stores’ Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

Where will consumers find the best buys?

Whether it’s Walmart, Target or the dollar stores, mass-value retailers will offer the best deals. Their mid- to low-income shoppers are looking for bargains more than ever in this economic environment, and competitive pressures are high. You’ll find attractive prices on PCs and tablet computers, as well as toys — particularly video games and consoles. For apparel, though, take a look at upscale department stores, such as Saks. If wealthier shoppers pull back due to the fall-off in the stock market, those stores may offer deals.


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Target buys

On my trip to Target the other day, I did something I usually have the willpower to avoid – I took a stroll through the women’s clothing section. I’m definitely a person whose wardrobe is mixed with higher-quality timeless basics and cheaper trendier pieces. And I find that Target can be a great place to augment your closet with those inexpensive buys.

They had TONS of sweaters out – some a little on the heavy side for southern California. But the three I picked up will be perfect for our chilly mornings and evenings.

Xhilaration Juniors Short Sleeve Cardigan – $24.99

You can’t see it well in this picture, but the crocheted detail on the back is really pretty. I like how it’s mesh on the front and then has a more delicate lacy feel to the back. This is a pretty light sweater – perfect to throw on over a tank or even a long sleeved tee.

Xhilaration Juniors 3/4 Sleeve Sweater – $19.99

This is more like a poncho/cape, but it doesn’t have that boxy appearance when you put it on. It looks great with a pair of skinny jeans to balance the looser fit.

Merona Women’s Open Cardigan Sweater – $29.99

This picture doesn’t show the selling point of this sweater at all. On the back, there is a really pretty braided band that elevates it from just being a long cardigan. Also, the cut is different. You can kind of tell from the photo, but it almost has tails – it doesn’t cut straight across on the bottom. I’ll try to post a pic when I actually wear it so you can see the details better.

The great thing about these sweaters is that they all work with my favorite basic outfit – skinny jeans and riding boots! Throw one of these guys on top and you have an easy, comfortable, stylish look!

What’s your go-to favorite outfit base? Jeans, ballet flats, and a flowy top? Skinny jeans, pumps, and a tank?


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Breakfast for dinner

Dinner tonight was simple and quick – breakfast for dinner! I had an egg, turkey bacon, and cheddar sandwich on a toasted whole wheat english muffin. (Sorry again for the blurry pic.)

Check out my cute egg pan. It makes perfect-sized eggs for sandwiches!

The sandwich was accompanied by some pineapple that we picked up from the North Hollywood farmer’s market this morning. To me, there isn’t much better than fresh-cut pineapple!

Also from the farmer’s market, I picked up this beautiful pashmina for only $10!! (Please excuse my wet hair and flourescent pajama shorts.)

I love the colors in this so much. How cute would it be as a scarf with jeans and black tee? Scarves are such easy accent pieces for an outfit.

Do you do breakfast for dinner often?
Are you a regular farmer’s market patron?
We’re lucky that, here in Los Angeles, a lot of local farmer’s markets are open year-round. We’ve only been a few times but I think we might start going more often!

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