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Victoria’s Secret – Good for more than just undies

So we all know Victoria’s Secret has great playclothes underthings. And their bathing suits are pretty great too. But have you ever bought clothes from Vicky’s? Or shoes? I think in the past I’ve bought some shirts from them, since they do have the most amazing semi-annual sales. But I’ve never ordered shoes. That might change after looking at what they’ve got goin’ on right now!

I know I’ve already done a boot post, but I just had to call out VS for their current selection. A lot of these brands you can also find at the department stores (Jessica Simpson, Nine West, Steve Madden, etc.), but whoever does the boot buying at Vicky’s really nailed it this season. I had to edit down my below picks because there were just too many good ones!

So many great styles! I’m loving the stacked heels and all the buckles.

Have you ever bought shoes/boots from Vicky’s?¬†


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